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The continent of Kerlon suffers from an undead attack that nearly annalhiated its living population. After a decade of this attack, a group of adventurers has finally arrived, drawn to this forsaken place by rumors of a great evil haunting the land nationwide.

But where do these adventurers come from? Only a few, very few people in Kerlon know that beyond the ice wall, beyond Grapevineyard Island, there are more continents emerging from the ocean’s surface. The characters come from one of these land masses. But who brought the characters here? They’re not quite sure themselves.

If you want to know more about Kerlon, and the Nation of Sistily, click on the link below.

Embark to Sistily!!!

DM’s Note

This game is in development, just being planned. One of my two players, however, says he’d like to star playing it ASAP. Because of this, it seems we’ll be playing two games, dedicating one week to one of them, the next week to the other. If you’re interested in following this game, stay tuned!

Home Page

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